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Why a fixed index annuity might be a good fit

Fixed Indexed Annuity Article

For starters, annuities are not right for everyone.  Variable annuities are almost never appropriate.  With that said, this post is about Why a fixed index annuity might be a good fit.

There are many resources on the Internet.  This one is an ad on a TV station’s website.  http://www.kvoa.com/story/32402529/fixed-index-annuities-right-for-your-retirement-plan.

The ad seems to be pretty legit.  It is however an ad.  Be careful when researching annuities and the comments you receive.  Some people swear by annuities and some people swear at them!  I’m neither – I look to see what the client needs, what are their concerns, what gaps exist and how to fill or close those gaps.  When people hear this – the feel reassured.

If you could see a plan that took your concerns and gaps into account, would that help you?

This ad that I am sharing talks about four aspects of Fixed Index Annuities.  1) locking in gains, 2) Growth for income, 3) protected from retirement challenges, 4) Your money lives on.

First of all – the ad is missing tons of disclosure and disclaimer.   The ad also makes or eludes to a promise “all”. In California all ads must include the producers California Insurance License – minor, yes.

Who is making the guarantees?

Who is Horter Investment Management and why are they mentioned?

Why a fixed index annuity might be a good fit

Why do I think a Fixed Index Annuity may be a good fit?  Similar points that the ad is making.  There are guarantees to these products.  The guarantee is backed by the strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Compliance – huge concern in my view.  There are so many people peddling product who don’t produce an actual plan.  We pride ourselves in producing plans that show our confidence or lack of confidence in your retirement.

If you would like a plan and not a product peddler – give us a shot!  Call our office or schedule a call here:  https://calendly.com/rickloek – I look forward to speaking soon.

Our office number is 408.459.8383

Evaluate Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed Indexed Annuities can be a great tool for your retirement.  The nagging question is if they are so good, why haven’t I heard of them before?  Great question.  How does one Evaluate Fixed Index Annuities?

First a question: When you visit a Buick dealership will they tell about the features of a Ford?  How about if you walk into an Chinese Food Restaurant, will they be featuring as their best dish an Italian Specialty?

When you meet with a Stock Broker will they be knowledgeable about life insurance products?  Will they refer you to an insurance specialist?

As you answer those questions consider that the opposite is also true – will an insurance only person refer you to an investment advisor?  NOTE: a Stock Broker and an Investment Advisor are similar, however the Investment Advisor must act as a Fiduciary.  This has not been the case with Stock Brokers – they are held to a suitability standard, until next year, 2017.

Sounds confusing?  It is!

Back to the matter at hand, Fixed Indexed Annuities.  Here is an article that covers advantages of Fixed Index Annuities.  The main concern almost everyone has is money or income.  The right Fixed Index Annuity can help address and even eliminate the concern about income for life.  In this article Income Riders are explained, including issues to consider.

Some articles falsely talk about the upside and ignore the downside.  This article seems to address a little of both.

With my background in Software Engineering, I use software to help determine what fits your needs.  Your concerns are #1.  What is the gap you have, how do we close that gap and is there a better way or is the fixed index annuity the best option?

Read the full article

Read the full article here, on Investors Business Daily.


QLAC – 101 the basics

QLACs were in a design and regulatory definition phase for a while.  There are many reasons to consider a QLAC (Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract).  The regulations and guidelines were finalized and released in July 2014.

QLAC 101 the basics

In a nutshell, a QLAC allows the owner to shelter part of the IRA from required distributions.  When an IRA/401k owner reaches the age of 70 1/2 they must start taking distributions.  If they don’t need the money they may want to put that money into a QLAC.

QLAC annuity analyzerIf they want to ensure they never run out of money, this *might* fit.  It is likely that another annuity will be a much better fit.  Then the question becomes, which annuity is best.  Well, that depends on several factors.  W use something sophisticated, it is called math & logic, to analyze what is the best fit for each client.  Call and ask to speak with one of our annuity analysts.  We don’t share nor sell your information – you will only ever have one person to speak with from our company.


If you would like for us to help you determine what is the best fit for you, call us.  We can assist you for free or maybe a small fee, if you prefer.


Lincoln OptiBlendSMProvides Control, Flexibility and Choice

annuities exposed
Free booklet on annuities

Accumulation and preservation of your principal.  Might you think this is a couple of benefits you would like with your retirement assets?

This product seems to offer what most want, an income rider that will allow for you, the owner, to have income for the rest of your life.  There are many products with income riders.  Your needs are not the same as the next person.  That is why we take great steps to help ensure your needs and interests are protected.

We enjoy seeing new products enter the market.  Creativity is key to our business.

Comprehensive Review

Read a comprehensive review of this Lincoln annuity here

Please note, this is not an offer to sell.  This is simply a brief review of a new product.  Should you be interested, please call 866-589-9366 toll-free and we will help you determine if this is a fit or should you consider other options.

Annuity Issues

Annuity Issues – I subscribe to these interesting emails from an “insurance only” financial planner.  He sends out emails with these zingers for subject lines.

Here are a few samples:

“This could double your retirement income*” — What is up with that asterisk?

“Odd comparison”

“I hate to tell you this”

“Questions about your Variable Annuity”

“Compare Annuity Rates & Earn 20-40% More Potential Income”

“How to Legally ‘Opt Out’ of Federal Income Taxes”

“Don’t Sweat a potential sell-off, just plan for it”

“7 Key Facts About Annuities”

“Bad News”

“Hurry – Take your money and RUN!”

These are all very creative email subjects for someone who only knows one product.  That product is an annuity, he *may* have many to annuities he can write.  The question is which one does he write overwhelmingly?  Why?


On a brighter note – we only include annuities if the math make sense.

With both eyes open we can see the hidden agenda’s in people’s messages.  Napoleon Hill created a list of questions to ask yourself about who wrote the content.  The basic point is to understand the intention.

My intention is to inform people about their options – holistically.  That is we address five key elements to an effective financial future.  Once you are educated, you can make your informed decision.

Imagine you are working with someone who knows one product, say a hammer.  What will that person sell you?  Hammers and nails.  If you worked with a person who knows hammers, screws, staples, glue, etc – they will help educate you on the use of each tool. Then you buy the best tool for the job currently before you.

* Oh, that asterisk.  It is likely some CYA about the products being protected by insurance companies, the the FDIC.  Oh well, we disclose everything as our accountability is that of the fiduciary standard (the highest of all financial standards).

Features of Indexed Annuities

These features of Indexed Annuities might include the following features and benefits, depending on your unique situation and goals:

Guaranteed* lifetime income (possibly better than you thought!)

…that can potentially be up to 100% tax-free (restrictions apply)

…for you and your spouse (duh!)

…with potential to increase with market upturns (Intrigued?  This is one of the best hedges against inflation)Features of indexed annuities

…but without exposure to market downturns (I’m intrigued, how can they do that?)

…with potential to double or even triple monthly benefits for qualifying “healthcare” conditions**

…plus you might leave money for your heirs***

…for less than you thought you’d spend (Hmm, not sure what the cost is, actually.  There is no fee to buy one!)

…and typically for .5-1% fee  (Income riders may assess a fee)

We’d welcome the opportunity to earn your business.  We don’t sell or share your information with anyone.  We *HATE* spam even more than you do.

Disclosures (more apply, depending on the product and state where the contract is signed/issued):
* Yep, you read that correctly.  What is the catch, disclosure would be the word.  This is subject to the claims paying ability of the insurance company.  This is NOT backed by any Federal Government Guarantees.
** Very restrictive in California.  Each state’s regulators approve or disapprove of these benefits, therefore what is available in your state will vary by product and company.
*** Frankly, we focus on you, not your heirs.  If planning for your heirs is important, let us know and we can locate the best option for you and your heirs.