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Why a fixed index annuity might be a good fit

Fixed Indexed Annuity Article

For starters, annuities are not right for everyone.  Variable annuities are almost never appropriate.  With that said, this post is about Why a fixed index annuity might be a good fit.

There are many resources on the Internet.  This one is an ad on a TV station’s website.  http://www.kvoa.com/story/32402529/fixed-index-annuities-right-for-your-retirement-plan.

The ad seems to be pretty legit.  It is however an ad.  Be careful when researching annuities and the comments you receive.  Some people swear by annuities and some people swear at them!  I’m neither – I look to see what the client needs, what are their concerns, what gaps exist and how to fill or close those gaps.  When people hear this – the feel reassured.

If you could see a plan that took your concerns and gaps into account, would that help you?

This ad that I am sharing talks about four aspects of Fixed Index Annuities.  1) locking in gains, 2) Growth for income, 3) protected from retirement challenges, 4) Your money lives on.

First of all – the ad is missing tons of disclosure and disclaimer.   The ad also makes or eludes to a promise “all”. In California all ads must include the producers California Insurance License – minor, yes.

Who is making the guarantees?

Who is Horter Investment Management and why are they mentioned?

Why a fixed index annuity might be a good fit

Why do I think a Fixed Index Annuity may be a good fit?  Similar points that the ad is making.  There are guarantees to these products.  The guarantee is backed by the strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Compliance – huge concern in my view.  There are so many people peddling product who don’t produce an actual plan.  We pride ourselves in producing plans that show our confidence or lack of confidence in your retirement.

If you would like a plan and not a product peddler – give us a shot!  Call our office or schedule a call here:  https://calendly.com/rickloek – I look forward to speaking soon.

Our office number is 408.459.8383

Annuity replacement option

Magic Johnson invests in fixed index annuity company EquiTrust

If I could help protect your money from market risk *without* buying an annuity, would you be interested in talking with me?

We have a program that helps investors protect their hard earned money without buying an annuity.  What’s the catch – that’s where the mind goes, right?

Nowhere do I say there is no risk.  There is risk, even with annuities.

Annuity replacement option

Here is the concept.  We can track on a daily basis, the high water level and current level of your account(s).  If the current level drops below a couple of predetermined thresholds we will discuss selling out of the positions.  This is not a stop-loss.  Stop-losses work on individual holdings and can accidentally sell the position on a volatile day.

If you would like to hear more about this opportunity – look to our Registered Investment Advisor site.  OnestaWealth.com

Department of Labor rule on Fiduciary standard

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Amazing!  One word sums it all up for me.  I am loving the DOL (Department of Labor) and Department of Labor rule on Fiduciary standard.  The DOL has put in place a fiduciary standard for all retirement assets.  What does this mean exactly, well not exactly.

Generally speaking a fiduciary standard is supposed to mean that the financial person you are working with is *supposed* to look out for your *best* interest.  However, when a financial person is a registered representative or stock broker or insurance agent – the standard has not applied.

What, did you read that correctly, some financial people don’t have to put your interests first?

If what you thought to be true about your money wasn’t true, when would you like to know it was not true?  Exactly, NOW!

Well, this new rule will cause many financial people to leave the industry – YEAH!  The rule will also cause many to clean up their act.  Even LPL in advance of the ruling cut the fees it charges clients… Hmm…


There are many great resources that you can get the *exact* details from, including the DOL’s own posting.  (It is 208 pages)

What do you need to do

Pay attention to how your “financial advisor” responds to this rule.  Are they upset?  Do they have new forms for you to sign?  Are they telling you to “ignore” the news and media play?  I have a buddy who’s advisor told him he would be receiving a letter – and to discard the letter.  Pay no attention to the letter.

If you would like a second opinion about your situation, a cursory review, we can help you with that.  Our standard, all in planning package can be as much as $15,000 (most are around $3,500).  This might seem like too much to some people.  However, if you were to find out that your hidden fees were $3,000-$5,000 per year per $100,000 you have in a Variable Annuity – well, let’s say our pricing is the best money you will have ever spent.

Here is the deal – Tell us that you are calling about our DOL review offer.  We will able to reduce our fee to $3,500 for the review process.  Our full-blown financial plan is based on the amount of work, which is different than reviewing your current situation, products and investments.