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Hybrid Annuities Training Videos

This page will include over time videos, publications and other artifacts to help you understand more about Hybrid Annuities.

Hybrid annuities or hybrid income annuities are also referred to as Fixed Index Annuities. They can be a great tool for securing money and providing lifetime income.

Annuities may also be a great method to assist you in transferring wealth to your children, grandchildren and so forth.  NOTE: this will not be a tax free transfer.  It simply is deferring the income taxes on the growth to the person or institution that inherits the annuity.

These videos are informational in nature and provide an education that will help you in making an informed decision.

Hybrid Annuities – Annuity Buyer Checklist

Here is an annuity smart buyers guide – from IndexAnnuitiesInsights.com


Hybrid Annuities – Annuity Basics


Retirement Realities


We have some more educational videos for you