Annuity Tools

Often we meet with people who have annuities and they don’t know or recall all of the features.  Here we provide a tool to support people in understanding their annuity’s features and benefits.

Analyze your Variable Annuity here or  Fixed Indexed Annuity here

Analyzing  any annuity you already have helps us see how well it fits your current needs.   It might have been the best fit for your needs the day you purchased it.  How well does it fit today? What issues might be present? How can you maximize what you already have?

Before we collect information about your annuity I will tell you what we will do with this information. We will review and  analyze the information you provide.

The research we do will reveal:

  • The features and benefits of the annuity you have.
  • What you can do to maximize your current annuity.
  • We will also share any concerns we are able to identify.
You will have objective information about your annuity to use to make informed choices about your future.

Analyze your Variable Annuity here or  Fixed Indexed Annuity here

Privacy Notice:  This information will not be shared with anyone other than at most one agent or investment advisor associated with