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Why would you or anyone want this booklet?

Anyone who owns an annuity needs to learn how to evaluate annuities.

To evaluate annuities, please use our annuity calculatoriXray Annuities - fixed index annuity calculator

Here are some of the benefits you’ll recognize:

  • Pitfalls of Variable Annuities – issues that you were likely never told.
  • Hear about SPIA’s – single premium immediate annuities.
  • Annuity basics – the foundation of what annuities are.
  • Fixed vs. Variable Annuities – fixed annuities guarantee the principal and variable annuities, generally, do not.
  • How fixed index annuities work – also called hybrid annuities, these annuities have complex terms.  We make them easier to understand.
  • Income Rider – what is an income rider, why would you care?
  • Annual lock-in and annual reset – what does this mean?
  • Fees, fees and fees – where are they, what are they?
  • What are the phases an annuity goes through – key to understanding how annuities work.
  • IRA – how do or don’t these work inside of annuities.