Fed Rate Increase good for Fixed Index Annuities

Fixed Index Annuities received good news this week.  The fed raised interest rates by .25%.  The increase might seem tiny at first.  When you begin to understand the underlying structure of fixed index annuities you will realize how important interest rates are.  Fed Rate Increase good for fixed index annuities – would you like to learn about the inner workings of fixed index annuities?

There are two types of annuitiesFixed Indexed Annuity Article

There are variable annuities and fixed annuities.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities guarantee your investment, the actual premium you use to purchase the contract.

Variable Annuities

Variable annuities do not protect the actual principal or premium. Variable annuities have sub-accounts that are in reality mutual funds.  These products also have additional fees that are often hidden inside of the contract. If you own a variable annuity we can help you understand the inner workings.  Some people want to escape from variable annuities, we may be  able to help you do that.

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