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Allianz Life Insurance Annuity

Annuities are not for everyone!  If an agent is saying, “buy mine, buy mine, buy mine”  Make this statements and listen closely to the response, “Show me the four other companies you considered and explain why this is THE annuity for me!”

We work on the fiduciary side of the business.  We put the clients interests first each and every time.  We want you, if you become one, our client to be our fan for life.Picture2

This video gives a high level view of annuities – Not say Allianz is THE company, but they make some great marketing materials for sure.  We would certainly consider the Allianz Life Insurance Annuity line for our clients.  We perform comparisons across annuity companies to determine what best fits your needs, if anything.


If you would like an evaluation of any annuity you are considering, please fill out this form.  PRIVACY is our number one concern – we will never sell or share your information with anyone, PERIOD!

Well, yes, I am sure you would prefer to get an quote in real time.  As you will see below, there is too much that needs to be taken into account.  Our solemn promise is this – we will not sell nor share your information.  Most of the websites you’ll see will gleefully sell your information to eight or more other sites, who will then, sell your information again.  We are not in that business, we are in the Financial Planning Business – creating respect & dignity with each person.

NOTE: Allianz is simply one of the multitude of companies available.  Allianz clearly is a leader in this area and has created amazing marketing materials as well as products.  Rest assured, we’ll show you various annuities that may fit your needs.  We are also a registered investment advisor firm – you may not know what this means.  In a nutshell, we are required by law to put your interests above all others.