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Annuity replacement option

If I could help protect your money from market risk *without* buying an annuity, would you be interested in talking with me?

We have a program that helps investors protect their hard earned money without buying an annuity.  What’s the catch – that’s where the mind goes, right?

Nowhere do I say there is no risk.  There is risk, even with annuities.

Annuity replacement option

Here is the concept.  We can track on a daily basis, the high water level and current level of your account(s).  If the current level drops below a couple of predetermined thresholds we will discuss selling out of the positions.  This is not a stop-loss.  Stop-losses work on individual holdings and can accidentally sell the position on a volatile day.

If you would like to hear more about this opportunity – look to our Registered Investment Advisor site.  OnestaWealth.com