Jackson National Life Insurance Company

Jackson National Life Insurance Company has introduced a new income rider.  The income rider can be attached or added to their Fixed Index Annuity, the Jackson AscednerPlus Select.

For those who don’t yet know what an income rider is, it is a feature set that can be added to an annuity or may be integrated into an annuity.  This annuity I am speaking of is called a Fixed Indexed Annuity.  This is type of annuity protects the clients premium from market losses.  For the most part the only way a Fixed Indexed Annuity can lose money is by the owner surrendering the policy and incurring a surrender charge.  If a client has to surrender a policy it would imply that the original plan for the annuity may not have been solid or life’s challenges forced someone’s hand.

There is a full article for your consideration on MarketWatch.com

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