Magic Johnson invests in EquiTrust

Magic Johnson invests in fixed index annuity company EquiTrustEquiTrust is an insurance company that, among other products, has Fixed Index Annuities (FIA).  Magic Johnson’s firm purchased a controlling interest in the company, EquiTrust.

Magic Johnson invests

I for one like that such a known figure as Magic Johnson invests in this industry.  Likely this will bring superstar index annuity purchases too.

Fixed Index Annuity

A fixed Index Annuity or FIA (formerly called an Equity Index Annuity or EIA) have characteristics where the consumer may participate in market upside and reduce if not eliminate market downside risk.  There are no hidden fees in FIA’s.  Variable annuities have sullied the annuity market by containing fees that are only exposed if you can read through the multi-page prospectus.  If you have a variable annuity we may be able to help you escape from it.  We know we can help you fully understand and expose the fees.

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