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Lincoln National Life Insurance Company upgraded

Lincoln National was upgraded from a sell to a hold by Zacks.  Zacks provides investment resources.

You can read more about Zack’s reasoning here

Lincoln National is an insurance company providing life insurance, annuities and various variable life products.  Variable life products, as the name may imply, fluctuate with the various holdings (sub-accounts).  Basically, buyer beware.

We don’t endorse nor suggest purchasing Lincoln Products nor stock.  We are simply sharing information that may be useful to you, the reader.

As always, past performance is not an indicator nor promise of the future.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company upgraded

If you already have a variable annuity product from Lincoln we would be honored to provide a no-cost, no obligation personalized report of your annuity. Simply call us as we need some specific information about your annuity.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
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